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    Brief Introduction

      Horological Research Institute of Light Industry (HRILI), formerly known as Horological Science Research Institute of Light Industry, was founded in 1963. HRILI is the unique national level research institution in horological industry of China. It is a high-tech enterprise which is specialized in developing and producing all kinds of time-keeping instruments, meters for civil, industrial and military use.

     China National Horological Quality Supervision and Testing Center, China National Horological Standardization Technical Committee, National Horological Information Center of Light Industry, Horological Association of Vocational Training Center of China were all set up in HRILI. These centers are assuming the technical services of the industry such as quality supervision and testing on Chinese horological products,formulating and revising horological standards, collecting and processing information of horological industry, vocational training, etc.

      Since the founding of HRILI, more than 300 scientific research projects have been completed, among which over 60 have gained provincial and ministerial level awards. The design of the first unified movement of mechanical watches, the design of the first unified movement alarm clock and the first needle quartz watch of China were created by our institute. These achievements have greatly narrowed the gap between our country and the world advanced level in the horological field and enriched people’s material life.

      HRILI has been shouldering the responsibility of national construction, and has successfully completed plenty of R & D projects for MOST, National Science and Industry Bureau, General Armament Department. HRILI has ever been awarded “National Defense Military Project Cooperation Advanced Unit” by National Defense Science and Industry Committee, State Science and Technology Commission, National Planning Commission, Light Industry Department. In addition, HRILI has been rated as “Production Study Research Advanced Unit” by Science and Technology Agency of Shaanxi Province. We have received good reputation from customers and made great contributions to the development in watch industry and national defense of our country. 

      HRILI has passed both China new era quality system certification center ISO9001 quality system certification and GJB9001B military project product quality system certification. Perfect quality assurance system and security system have been built. We have obtained the second level secrecy qualification and weapon equipment scientific research production license. Beyond all these, we have got weapons and equipment manufacturer qualification of GAD and High-tech enterprise title of Shaanxi province.

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